Land of Doves and Roses
Why Jake is not a Weak/Whiney character.


1. It appears that everyone has forgotten what Jake has been through, Jake had to burn his grandmother’s body.image

2. He had to survive on an island full of lusus that wanted to kill him.


3. He also went toe to toe with with Bro-Bot, where as if any of the other characters beside Dirk and Dave of course would be been beaten to a bloody pulp. 


4. Jake is more than likely covered in scars.  After being on an island full of monsters, a psycho robot wielding a Katana, and surviving with multiple concussions. Yet, he continues to survive and fight another day. 


5. Jake is very fit, he isn’t very muscular in the sense his body size is bulging with muscle. But trying to survive on an island of lusus coming to eat you, you’re going to have to run a lot, he also explores practically everyday. He has a lot of stamina in this sense.


6. Reasons for the shorter shorts: Of course he doesnt have that large clothes to fit him. He doesnt have a WARDROBIFIER such as Jade, so Jake’s clothes are probably much shorter because he is not able to get clothes that fit him properly, he’s gotten used to wearing normal shorts. He also is shown to not like his godtier pants due to their shortness, so please. In Canon, Jake does not like short shorts. 


7. People think that Jake is overpowered even despite being a Page of Hope, people must understand that being a Page doesnt mean that the person faces one large problem through their life. But many, much more than every other class. Jake has dealt with problems his entire life and continues to overcome them, from dealing with the many monsters on his island to somehow working out how to deal with his friend’s problems even helping from his island. Also, Hope is possibly one of the most powerful aspects,  Jake continues to not let his hope fade away, even when he is thrown into the mess of the game,Sburb. He tries to keep him and his friend’s happy, he doesnt give up Hope and thinks positively.  So Jake does deserve his power. 


8. Reasons as to why Jake is kind of a dork: Jake has been away from civilizations for most of his life and has had the minimum amount of human interaction, it only being him and his grandmother. Even that lasted for a short time.  So of course Jake does not have any knowledge of how to deal with his friends once they get closer to one another. Such as when Jane tries to make a move on Jake, of course he doesnt understand, he’s never been hit on before, what do you expect? Especially seeing as its over text it seems, Jake could take Jane’s phrases and think differently in his mind.  Another is when Jake distances himself from Dirk, Jake is confused because this is his first relationship, he feels Dirk is very clingy to him. I do think that Jake should of talked it out with Dirk, but then again both of them are a part of why they broke up. Its both of their faults. 


9. Jake is not a sex god. Despite what people think, Jake does not make any moves towards any of the characters he meets. By this I  mean, Jake does not make a move to try to become any of the other’s partner. Mostly because he wouldnt know where to begin to know how to whoo someone. Dirk,Jane and Roxy all fell for Jake, Roxy thankfully took the high road and didnt go after him. As for Dirk and Jane, they practically barraged him with clues to their feelings, Jake himself was confused for obvious reasons. He isnt at fault at all, he doesnt know how to socialize, let along deal with relationships in the middle of the game. 


10.  Why Jake breaks down: Jake his entirely despite how difficult it was, still would rather be chased after monsters than deal with the emotional struggle those around him cause, those being Aranea, Jane and Dirk. The only one who he could turn to being Calliope and Roxy. When Jake is held captive by Jane, of course he broke down. One of his best friends who he is already one bad terms on, is holding him in a cell, refusing to let him atleast change, and going to force him to be her sex toy. I’m sure anyone would break down in that situation.


Jake is a very strong willed character, all those who think Jake is a bad character and should be killed off, should probably all go and reread Homestuck because you’ve obviously missed quite a few things.


((Disclaimer: I do not own any of the art used in this Rant, please do tell me of the name of the artists. ((Except the ones used from Homestuck itself of course.)) 

Thank you for reading my little rant. 


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